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Registration Desk Hours:

Saturday, October 31, 2015
​10:00 - 18:00
Sunday, November 1, ​2015​07:00 - 19:30
Monday, November 2, 201506:30 - 19:15
Tuesday, November 3, 201506:30 - 18:00
Wednesday, November 4, 201506:30 - 18:00
​​Thursday, November 5, 201506:30 - 14:30

​Registration Fees (Euro):
Fees apply to payments received prior to the indicated deadlines.

Up to and including Monday, July 6, 2015
Tuesday, July 7 – Tuesday, September 29, 2015
After Wednesday, September 30,2015
Full Participant € 650  € 750  € 850
Low Income Countries*  € 150​ ​
Low Middle Income Countries* € 350  € 425  € 550
​Trainee (Students/Fellows/Nurses)**  € 400 ​  € 500
Trainee Low Middle Countries ​**​  € 220 ​  € 300
Teaching Courses ****​€ 50 ​​€ 60 ​
Free Teaching Courses: ​8,20,32,33,34,35 *****​​ € 0 ​ € 0 ​​
​​Half day Hands-On Workshop​ ****​€ 70​€ 80 ​​

* Low Income Countries are defined according to the World Bank Country Classification of Low Income economies countries; click here to see the Country Classification data. 
** Trainee/Student/Nurses status must be certified - An official supportive letter from the institution, signed by the head of the department confirming your status, or a valid status ID card must accompany the registration.​
Trainee/Student/Nurses from Low Middle countries must submit a copy of their passport in addition to the student certificate. Please make sure you have all documents during online registration.

**** Teaching Course registration is only available at the additional fee (as specified below) to participants registered for the congress.

***** These 6 Teaching Courses are free, but requires pre registration. Should you wish to attend, you are kindly requested to choose them during the online registration.

List of Teaching Courses:

TC titleDateFromToType
TC 1Rare cases in clinical practice (tournament committee)Saturda​​y, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 2Stroke Saturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 3Common mistakes in EEG readingSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 4NeurorehabilitationSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 5CNS infectionsSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 6HeadacheSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 7Education in neurologySaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 8Young neurologistSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Free
 TC 9Child neurologySunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 10Clinical neuropathologySunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 11Video sessions seizures semiologySunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
Tc 12Neuropathic painSunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 13Toxinum botulinum workshopSunday, November 114:0017:30Hands-On Workshop
Tc 14Neuroimmunology and MSSunday, November 114:0017:30Teaching course
TC 15Neurology and psychiatric boundaries​Sunday, November 114:0017:30Teaching course
TC 16Autoimmune and the PNSMonday, November 214:4518:15Teaching course
TC 17Neurology and women
Monday, November 214:4518:15Teaching course
TC18Autonomic nervous systemMonday, November 214:4518:15Teaching co​urse
TC 19DementiaTuesday, November 39:0012:30Teaching course
TC 20Palatucci advocacyTuesday, November 39:0018:00Free
TC 21Transcranial Doppler workshopTuesday, November 39:0012:30Hands-On Workshop
TC 22Single fiber workshop​​Tuesday, November 39:0012:30Teaching course
TC 23Career in neurologyTuesday, November 314:3018:00Teaching course
TC 24Movement disordersTuesday, November 314:3018:00Teaching course
TC 25Transcrainal Magnetic Stimulation    
Tuesday, November 314:3018:00Teaching course
TC 26Palliative Care ​​
Wednesday, November 49:0012:30Teaching course
TC 27Neuro-oncologyWednesday, November 49:0012:30Teaching course
TC 28Neuro-ophthalmologyWednesday, November 49:0012:30Teaching course
TC 29Motor neuron diseaseWednesday, November 414:3018:00Teaching course
TC 30Muscular Disorders​Wednesday, November 414:3018:00Hands-On Workshop
TC 31Neurology in the emergency roomWednesday, November 414:3018:00Teaching course
TC 32Current management of epilepsyMonday, November 27:008:00Free
TC 33NeuromuscularTuesday, November 37:008:00Free
TC 34The modern management of multiple sclerosisWednesday, November 47:008:00Free
TC 35The top ten advances in clinical neurologyThursday, November 57:008:00Free
TC 36 Sleep Disorders​Thursday, November 5​9:30​12:30​Teaching course

Fees or all Meeting Participants include:

·       Admission to the Congress and the Exhibition

·         Refreshments as indicated in the program

·         Opening ceremony and Welcome Reception

·         Entrance to the Free Teaching Courses

 Payment Methods
Payment of registration fees (in EUR) can be made as follows:

By Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express

By Bank Transfer(Additional 30 Euro commission is required)

Please make drafts payable to: 
Account Name: WCN 2015 Congress, Santiago, Chile 2015 Registration (account holder: Kenes International)
Bank details: Credit Suisse Geneva, 1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland 
Bank Code: 4835, Swift No: CRESCHZZ80A, 
Account Number:  693980-52-662
IBAN No: CH46 0483 5069 3980 5266 2                                       

• Please ensure that the name of the meeting and of the participant is stated on the bank transfer. 
• Bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees.

Registration will only be valid upon receipt of the full payment by the registration department according to the deadline indicated. An email confirming registration will only be sent after receipt of the required fees.

Outstanding payments will be collected on-site and charged the on-site rate. A copy of the bank transfer (or other proof of payment) will be required in the event that registration fees were not credited to the meeting account on time.

Registration Cancellation Policy: 
Faxed or emailed:

Note, in case of cancelation at any stage, Bank transfer admission fee (30 Euro) will not be refunded - applicable to Bank Transfer payments only.

  • Cancellations received up and including Wednesday, July 6th, 2015 Full Refund.
  • Cancellations received between July 7th – October 21st – 50% will be refunded.
  • After October 22nd– no refund will be made.


Group Registration: 
For group registration (10 participants and more) please contact the registration department at:

​WCN 2015 Registration Department

Rue François-Versonnex 7
1207 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 22 908 0488
Fax: + 41 22 906 9140

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