Teaching Courses

​Thank you for participating in the Teaching Courses at WCN 2015!

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Syllabus LinkTC TitleDateFromToType​
TC 1Rare Cases in Clinical Practice (Tournament Committee)Saturda​​y, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 2Stroke Saturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 3Common Mistakes in EEG ReadingSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 4NeurorehabilitationSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 5CNS InfectionsSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 6HeadacheSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 7Education in NeurologySaturday, October 3114:3018:00Teaching course
TC 8Young Neurologist - ​Professional Career PlanningSaturday, October 3114:3018:00Free
 TC 9Child NeurologySunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 10Clinical NeuropathologySunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 11Video Sessions Seizures SemiologySunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 12Neuropathic Pain Advice for Clinical PracticeSunday, November 19:0012:30Teaching course
TC 13Toxinum botulinum workshopSunday, November 114:0017:30Hands-On Worksh​op
TC ​14Neuroimmunology and MSSunday, November 114:0017:30Teaching course
TC 15Neurology and Psychiatric Boundaries​Sunday, November 114:0017:30Teaching course
TC 16Autoimmune Peripheral Nerves DisorderMonday, November 214:4518:15Teaching course
TC 17Neurology and Women
Monday, November 214:4518:15Teaching course
TC18Autonomic Nervous SystemMonday, November 214:4518:15Teaching co​urse
TC 19DementiaTuesday, November 39:0012:30Teaching course
TC 20Palatucci AdvocacyTuesday, November 39:0018:00Free
TC 21Transcranial Doppler WorkshopTuesday, November 39:0012:30Hands-On Workshop
TC 22Single Fiber Workshop​​Tuesday, November 39:0012:30Hands-On Workshop
TC 23Careers in Neurology in a Globalizing WorldTuesday, November 314:3018:00Teaching course
TC 24Movement DisordersTuesday, November 314:3018:00Teaching course
TC 25Transcrainal Magnetic Stimulation    
Tuesday, November 314:3018:00Hands-On Workshop
TC 26Palliative Care ​​
Wednesday, November 49:0012:30Teaching course
TC 27Neuro-oncologyWednesday, November 49:0012:30Teaching course
TC 28Neuro-ophthalmologyWednesday, November 49:0012:30Teaching course
TC 29Motor Neuron DiseaseWednesday, November 414:3018:00Teaching course
TC 30Muscular Disorders​Wednesday, November 414:3018:00Teaching course​
TC 31Neurology in the Emergency RoomWednesday, November 414:3018:00Teaching course
TC 32Current Management of EpilepsyMonday, November 27:008:00Free
TC 33NeuromuscularTuesday, November 37:008:00Free
TC 34The Modern Management of Multiple SclerosisWednesday, November 47:008:00Free
TC 35The Top Ten Advances in Clinical NeurologyThursday, November 57:008:00Free
TC 36 Sleep Disorders​Thursday, November 5​9:30​12:30​Teaching course​

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